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Outside Lands Getting in With public transportation jammed, some guy in an unmarked white van was shuttling people... More»


Seventeen years ago, local author Michelle Tea’s award-winning novel Valencia did for young lesbians what On the Road did for the Beat generation.... More»


CD DUM DUM GIRLS: ONLY IN DREAMS (Sub Pop) If the Dum Dum Girls’ first release, I Will Be, fit nicely... More»


This fall’s Good Vibrations–sponsored Short Erotic Film Competition, at the Castro Theatre, signaled a new era for this feisty... More»


Back in the ’60s, Bay Area artists like Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud reacted to the abstract expressionism that was sweeping New York (think... More»


In 2003, not long after Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game was published, studios opened their doors to pitches for screenplays based on... More»


After releasing four nonfiction stories in four months, the Atavist, a San Francisco­–conceived mobile publisher, is earning its stripes as a... More»


Growing up in San Jose in the 1980s, I lived in the shadow of Long Duk Dong, the iconic Chinese exchange student from John Hughes’ teen flick ... More»


After reading Patricia Marx’s article in the New Yorker about shopping in Brooklyn (“Borough Haul,” March 8), you might think that... More»


Cleve Jones isn’t used to Hollywood backbiting. The pio­neer­ing gay-rights activist and organizer, best known as a cofounder of the... More»


Many years ago, someone industrious realized that the fastest way to a city dweller’s heart is a lively party with a free-flowing bar. The last place... More»


Jeff Dauber—How to trust your gut With his megawatt energy and chest-to-toe tattoos, Jeff Dauber bears little resemblance to an aloof... More»