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Atlanta-based serial entrepreneur Dr. Paul Judge expands his bandwidth with the next evolution of Wi-Fi.

Dr. Paul Judge ATLANTA

VIEW FROM THE TOP Tech titan Dr. Paul Judge on the roof of his new Midtown headquarters for Luma 

“I love using software to solve problems,” explains Atlanta-based technology entrepreneur Dr. Paul Judge. As the co-founder and executive chairman of Pindrop Security, Judge built a name for himself developing the anti-fraud and authentication company, and a series of successful projects ranging from the robotic bartender Monsieur to Atlanta-based incubator Tech Square Labs.

Now, Judge has turned his laser-like focus towards Luma, his newly debuted smart Wi-Fi system that covers your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi through a surround system (three-pack of devices for $399, With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in addition to the Midtown Atlanta headquarters, plus over 2,000 Best Buy and Home Depot locations across the country—Luma’s bandwidth will certainly expand exponentially. “Wi-Fi is the foundation for many of the things that people love to do on the internet, like streaming music, movies and gaming,” Judge explains. “We believe that our work will make people happier and more productive.”

Judge could have based his business on the West Coast but is enamored by Atlanta’s blend of culture and business opportunities. “Atlanta has heart, soul and brains,” he offers. “From music to food to design, Atlanta has an authentic personality. In a world where technology and culture are rapidly becoming one, Atlanta is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of this intersection.”

We have a guess at which local luminary will be directing traffic.

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